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Martellato Ma4001 Chocolate Mold Set, Luggage And Camera

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Martellato Luggage and Camera Chocolate-Mold Set Two molds Different cavities on each Each cavity a shape for part of a put-together chocolate valise or camera Made for assembling mini chocolate cameras and suitcases, these molds each have more than one cavity shape


Dimensions of chocolate pieces assembled Camera 21mm x 34mm x 30mm high Small valise 10mm x 23mm x 19mm high Large valise 13mm x 35mm x 29mm high Size of each mold 6-7/8 inch x 10-3/4 inch x 1 inch high Molds are crack-resistant polycarbonate Molded chocolate shapes have detail straps on luggage, buttons on camera top, rings on camera lens

The unassembled parts are camera lens, camera body, camera top 18 cavities each , small half-valises and large half-valises 12 cavities each, or 6 pairs each, for making 6 large and 6 small valises